Tanza : A new relaxation module to add to your pool

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What is the Tanza Module?

The Tanza relaxation module is an ideal extension for your Aquarino inground pool. It enhances your space and can be installed in various locations around the pool. With its innovative features, the Tanza module provides additional shallow relaxation space, inviting you to unwind and enjoy comfort. Its 10-inch deep basin is perfectly suited for young toddlers.

Two sizes are available: 8X8 and 8X11. Consult the technical specifications to confirm the size that matches your Aquarino pool model.


Available Colors for this Product

Just like the Aquarino pool models, the stunning colors available in our Aqua Radiance fiber technology are offered in the Tanza module: Sea Salt, Arctic Grey, Aqua, Pacific, Ocean, and Galaxy. So, if you choose a fiberglass inground pool in a premium color, you can match the extension with the Tanza module in the same color for a seamless effect.


Different Placement Options

The Tanza module offers multiple installation options as an extension of your fiberglass inground pool, allowing you to customize your aquatic space according to your needs and preferences. 

Refer to the technical specifications for both the 8X8 and 8X11 models.


Why Add a Relaxation Module to Your Pool?

Adding a relaxation module to your inground pool can transform your aquatic space into a true haven of peace and entertainment. These modules offer a multitude of benefits, including the opportunity to create a relaxation space for yourself, socialize with your family and guests, and provide safe, shallow water fun for young children.

Moreover, adding a relaxation module can also increase the aesthetic and functional value of your property, while offering an unparalleled swimming experience. Whether it’s to unwind after a long day or entertain your loved ones during outdoor gatherings, adding a relaxation module to your inground pool is an investment that brings lasting benefits in terms of well-being and aquatic enjoyment.

Interested in the Tanza module? Whether you already have an Aquarino inground pool or are considering having one installed, adding this option is possible. Start your project or contact us now so that we can connect you with one of our affiliated partners.

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