A weekly water test is required to control PH and chlorine. Then add products as needed every 2 to 3 days depending on water temperature (if high).

Installation can vary depending on several factors, but the general average pool installation time is 24 hours. Accessories, pool coping, and other additional installations will be installed as directed and scheduled by the Aquarino installation team.

Yes, it is very important to always turn off the pump engine when making changes with the filter selector. Also, the water level should never be below the skimmer when the motor is running.

The manometer is an instrument that indicates the pressure in the filter. If its reading increases by 2 or 3 lbs from the normal reading this means that there is an accumulation of dirt in the filter. You must therefore proceed with the backwash procedure to replace the reading to normal value.

We recommend that you maintain a water level lower than 18 “of water inside the drywell. The level must especially be monitored during the thaw period, periods of abundant rain, and during the pool closure.

The copings installed with an Aquarino pool are from the Rinox Landscape collection. The options will be presented to you during your meeting with a representative.

Aquarino does not offer in-ground pool maintenance or repair services. If you have an Aquarino pool installed, the first opening of the pool is included with your installation and will be done once the pool is ready to be used.

In case of discoloration of the pool shell (gelcoat), yellow rings, stains: the product to use is REGAL Stain remover.

During the installation of a pool fence, some metal particles can fall into the pool and create rust like stains. This is not a manufacturing defect. However, it can be removed.

No, as the manufacturer Aquarino is committed to making high-end pools and offering the installation of those pools. We do not offer post-installation opening or closing services.

Installation dates still available for summer 2022
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