Aquarino warranty


Aquarino guarantees the structure of the fiberglass basin against any leak due to a manufacturing defect, for a period of 25 years from the date of installation. During this period, Aquarino will repair any structural imperfection of the swimming pool caused by a manufacturing defect. If such repairs would become necessary, the work will only be performed by Aquarino or its’ approved agent. Any unauthorized work will nullify the guarantee. Damages, breaking, bleaching, microcracks and any changes due to natural causes of ageing or to lack of maintenance or misuse of chemicals, which are not caused by manufacturing defects are excluded from the present guarantee. This guarantee does not cover the ” Gel Coat ” as  the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for abuse or for excessive or inappropriate use of chemicals by the customer/buyer.


Guarantee on the swimming pool’s equipment (filter, pump, heat pump, etc.) is offered by the respective manufacturers (example Hayward, Pentair etc).


(guarantee applicable only when installed by Aquarino Inc.)

Pavements and poured concrete coping: are guaranteed for a period of one year against any collapse. No guarantee against frost and/or thaw. No guarantee if the color of the concrete is altered as a result of the use of salt or chlorine. The color of the pavement and the coping can be different. Sealing not included.

Any pavement and coping built with Rinox pavers or slabs: are guaranteed for a period of one year against any collapse (including the application of polymer sand). Furthermore, Rinox  pavers are guaranteed for life by the manufacturer against any manufacturing defect. Please note that the warranty is cancelled if a fence is installed/anchored to the Rinox slabs/pavers. For every details about the Rinox warranty, go to the website


Transfer of guarantee:

Guarantees can be transferred to every new buyer of the property where the swimming pool is located as long as the buyer informs Aquarino in writing about the change of ownership within 30 days of this change. Aquarino reserves the right to make a technical inspection to verify the good condition of the swimming pool.

Guarantee application:

The manufacturing guarantee applies only if the installation of the swimming pool was completed by  Aquarino Inc. or by an installer accredited by Aquarino Inc.

Furthermore, any required repair must be made by Aquarino Inc. or an installer accredited by Aquarino inc. Any repair not respecting these rules will render the guarantee null and void.

The application of guarantees is suspended as long as the customer/buyer has outstanding financial commitments to Aquarino and remains suspended as long as he did not fulfill completely these financial commitments.


Any tree, fence, wall or other obstruction to be removed for the execution of the works will be under the responsibility of the customer/buyer. When required, the customer/buyer will have to facilitate the access on workplace for the execution of the present contract. Aquarino will not be responsible for damage caused to the ground, the pavement, the asphalt and in the environment during the installation of the swimming pool.

The customer/buyer will be responsible for all the additional costs caused during the installation in the case of unstable ground, surplus of crushed stone (a specific quantity of backfill stone is included for the raising of every swimming pool, according to its size), of solid rock or other obstruction not specifically mentioned in the present contract.  Additional expenses incurred when a surplus of backfill material exceeding 2 tons is required, will be charged to the customer/buyer.

The customer/buyer will be responsible to have all electric lines required for the pool equipment as well as to ensure that water supply is available and the swimming pool installation respects all local laws and regulations.

In the event that the customer/buyer request the cancellation of this agreement, Aquarino without prejudice to all rights vested under the law, may retain as damages, any deposits paid by the customer/buyer upon signature of this agreement.


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