Aquarino pool installation in 24 hours!

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The installation process of an inground pool may seem complicated and long, however with Aquarino, that is just not the case. Our fibreglass pools are installed in 24 hours. The process is much faster with fiberglass as the shell is already molded. No need for a pool liner or further steps. Installers simply excavate the hole, and place with pool shell in place! Discover the different steps of the Aquarino pool installation!

First step

The first step is to prepare and inspect the area to be excavated to ensure there is no debris and the soil is not too soft. Following this, the excavation height must be confirmed via the reference point. In order lay down the bed of stone, which will provide the support for the pavers, a space must be left between the ground and the shell. In addition, the geotextile fabric is positioned at the bottom to separate both materials. Thereafter, a laser level is used to ensure the porter of the pool is perfectly aligned with the four outside pool corners.

The installation

Once the preparation steps are completed, the installation of the pool can be executed with a spreader beam. A laser will be used to accomplish a perfect level using the exterior border of the shell. Then, support bars are installed inside the pool depending on the model. A well for drainage will be installed under the bottom of the pool, with the location chosen by the client before the installation process begins.

aquarino installation piscine 24 heures

Final step

Once these steps are completed, the Aquarino team is finally ready to fill the pool with water to reach the same level as the first step. It is pertinent here to simultaneously verify the level of the pool. If necessary, a water tank can be used to speed up the process. During this time, the stone bed on all sides of the pool can be done to avoid buckling the sides of the pool. As a result, installers insure that both levels are equal. To complete the installation process, the pumping system and electrical connections are setup according to the options chosen by the customer.


Only 24 hours since the start of this installation process and it is already done! You can now choose what you want to add in options to your Aquarino pool to accomplish your dream backyard! Looking for inspiration? Check out our article to choose the right pool coping!


Watch our installation video here >>

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