5 Things to know before installing an inground pool

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Planning on installing an inground pool in your backyard this summer? Before you begin your project, there are many elements to consider for your landscape project to reflect your tastes! Here is some important information to know before installing an inground pool in your backyard.

Quality products

An inground fiberglass pool should be finished with a protective contour. The choice of material for this is very important as it needs to be safe, of high quality, and of course look great! Concrete slabs are an amazing option to create a modern look and will ensure security around the pool. Contrary to a wood finish, concrete is a much more durable option.

Aquarino pools are specifically manufactured to be combined with the Rinox slabs collection. Also, these slabs can be installed at the same time as your pool so your project will be finished quickly. The Viva and Viva Grande are the perfect choice for a modern pool contour. Available in 6 gorgeous colors, these slabs will blend perfectly with your décor. For more information on this complementary installation service and on Rinox products, contact us!

Conceal the equipment

With an inground pool comes accessories and equipment! Before the installation, it is necessary to determine where your equipment and machinery will be in your yard. Avoid placing them near areas of relaxation. It is recommended to conceal them as much as possible, but keep an easy access to them. In fact, they can be installed several feet from the pool, so before beginning your project, look at your yard closely to determine their location.

Pool position

Every city has their own regulations regarding pools. However, for the most part, pools have to be installed a minimum of 5 feet from the edge of your house, or of your property line. With this information, you can determine the size of pool you can have installed. May municipalities also require fencing around the pool for safety, so it is important to get informed on that as well.

An optimal and design area

Pool size has become increasingly smaller over the years as well as their depth. Trending right now are smaller pools with inviting brighter colors. In Aquarino’s pool collection, the smaller pool size is 8×10 which is ideal for very small exterior spaces.

Also, to optimize your space, don’t forget to analyze your backyard before choosing your pool position. Be sure that the sun is in the area you want your inground pool, and that the trees and shrubs don’t hide the sunlight.

Create a refined look in your backyard! The installation of your inground fiberglass pool will help create a cozy and modern atmosphere. With the selection of your pool color, take the time to analyze your space to determine your needs and desires with the design. No matter your choice of pool color, be it neutral or vibrant, you will be able to decorate using accessories, furniture, and decorations that compliment your chosen color.

Aquarino blog: 5 things to know before installating a pool


Easy access

Did you know the most common issue faced for inground pool installation is the access to the backyard? Don’t worry though, limited access can easily be resolved. Ask your pool representative to evaluate the best way to pass the equipment. Our representatives will find the best solution for your Aquarino pool installation.

To conclude, an inground pool installation is exciting, but requires analysis to understand the scale of the project before starting. Get informed and do research to find the right product for you. This will ensure there are no surprises when it comes to your landscaping project. For more information, take an appointment with one of our specialists.

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